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There is a new No. 1 side dish this Thanksgiving

Stuffing was the No. 1 Thanksgiving side dish in 2022, but there is a new favorite, according to a nationwide survey.
Family gathers for traditional Thanksgiving dinner, with a cooked turkey on the table.
Posted at 11:37 AM, Nov 06, 2023

In a survey of 5,000 Americans, stuffing — or dressing as it's called in some parts of the country — is no longer the No. 1 Thanksgiving side dish. 

According to the survey conducted by Campbell's, mashed potatoes is now the No. 1 side dish. It is the preferred side dish in 23 states, according to Campbell's. Six states consider stuffing to be the No. 1 side dish. 

Making a significant jump, macaroni and cheese jumped from No. 5 a year ago to No. 3 this year. Dropping a spot to No. 4 is yams, while also dropping a spot, green bean casserole is No. 5. 

And if you prefer side dishes over the entree, you're not alone. The poll found that 67% of respondents like side dishes more than entrees. The poll also showed that 54% of Americans would be content if they only had side dishes during holiday gatherings. 

DiGiorno sells Thanksgiving pizza with all the fixings
DiGiorno pizza topped with Thanksgiving favorites such as turkey, gravy and cranberries.

DiGiorno sells Thanksgiving pizza with all the fixings

It is time to start thinking about holiday meals, and if you want to combine pizza with Thanksgiving dinner, this meal is for you.


On average, Americans will have five side dishes to go with their holiday meals. 

According to last year's poll, 98% of Americans plan to reheat Thanksgiving leftovers. 

According to Google Trends, searches for green beans slightly outpaced searches for stuffing and mashed potatoes last Thanksgiving. Mashed potatoes tended to create more search traffic in the Midwest, while those in the Northeast tended to search for stuffing. 

These are the most-searched Thanksgiving stuffing recipes by state
U.S. map showing most-searched Thanksgiving stuffing recipe in each state.

These are the most-searched Thanksgiving stuffing recipes by state

Please pass the red Jell-O stuffing! This map reveals some surprising differences in states' stuffing tastes (or dressing, if you live in the South).