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Naughty Or Nice: Potential Santa Shortage This Christmas Season

The demand for Santa Claus and all his helpers is up by over 30% from last year.
Posted at 5:52 PM, Nov 27, 2022

Bushy white beard, red suit, black boots, 'tis the season for the jolly elf and his helpers.

"There's five jobs for every one person who is unemployed, but here at Hire Santa, we're saying the ratio is more like 20 to one," said Mitch Allen.

Allen is the head elf at Hire Santa, a company that makes sure Santas get placed in malls and events. He says the demand forSanta Clausand all his helpers is up by over 30% from last year.

"Last year was a record year, from people wanting Santa's or other holiday entertainers," said Allen.

Allen also says the further we get away from the height of COVID-19 precautions, the more Santa supply struggles to meet demand.

"It's interesting that the traditional mall Santa, we've actually seen a slight decline," said Allen.

Allen says experiences are growing beyond the days of waiting in line to sit on Santa's lap while shopping for presents at the mall.

"What's been on the increase is local Santa experiences," said Allen.

Like, hiring Santa to stop by your house and hang out with the kids for half an hour, or having Santa be a part of your holiday pictures.

"Everyone wants the American sort of Coca-Cola version of Santa," said Allen.

But it isn't just Santa that is in short supply these days; Mrs. Claus and all the elves are also needed. Coveted spots likely open in your community.

"They've got to have that twinkle in their eye, that love of Christmas," said Allen.

Allen says he doesn't want people to worry about being left with a lump of coal, and Santa will be making the rounds this Christmas.