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These are the most-searched Thanksgiving stuffing recipes by state

Please pass the red Jell-O stuffing! This map reveals some surprising differences in states' stuffing tastes (or dressing, if you live in the South).
U.S. map showing most-searched Thanksgiving stuffing recipe in each state.
Posted at 3:44 PM, Nov 17, 2022

Thanksgiving is almost here, which means that millions of Americans are doing exactly what their grandparents couldn't do: Frantically Googling the best Thanksgiving recipes. These days, no Thanksgiving menu is born without lots of searching and web-combing. We're always on the search for the best way to cook a turkey or the newest hack for mashed potatoes.

And, when it comes to stuffing (or dressing, if you're from the South), we're definitely Googling our little turkey feathers off, because that dish can be surprisingly difficult to make — and also surprisingly contentious, based on your palate, or your preferred manner of preparing it. Don't even get us started on that old-school debate of whether or not it's OK to cook your stuffing inside your bird: We know it's probably how Granny did it, but the USDA urges Americans to never do this as it puts you at risk of salmonella.

Stuffing recipes and preferences vary widely based on what state you live in, and not just when it comes to whether you call it stuffing or dressing. A Google Trends survey has revealed the top stuffing recipes by state that Americans are searching for on Google ahead of this Thanksgiving. Check out the findings and see if your menu is vibing with your state's preferred stuffing recipes:


It should come as little surprise that basically every state in the American South is searching for cornbread stuffing. And it also makes sense that people in Washington State are primarily Googling recipes for stuffing with apples since they are known worldwide for their apple orchards and produce more apples than any other state.

However, there are some surprises on the Google Trends report. For instance, Oklahoma's top stuffing search is for "red jello stuffing," which has us very confused. The only red Jell-O concoctions we've seen on Thanksgiving tables are desserts.

And here is a Google finding that is certainly a sign of the times: The most Googled recipe for stuffing in North Dakota is keto cauliflower stuffing. This definitely wouldn't have been on the Pilgrims' Thanksgiving table, but hey, neither would have macaroni and cheese or deviled eggs, and those have become American Thanksgiving staples.

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