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Philly native bringing taste of home to Eagles fans in Nashville

No matter who wins the Super Bowl, this authentic Philly food is a win for Eagles fans in Nashville.
Posted at 8:28 PM, Feb 11, 2023

While the Philadelphia Eagles prep for the big game on Sunday, Zyhir Baker-Elam and his team are also gearing up.  

Expecting a huge turnout this Super Bowl weekend, the owner of "It'z A Philly Thing" wants to bring a taste of home to Nashville.  

When it comes to the food, fans are hooked.  

"It was really good. It was authentic," said diner Myson Dease.  

Chad Chapman, another customer, said it "tastes just like a Philly steak. The fries are awesome. The sandwich is awesome."  

Authenticity is key, said Baker-Elam.  

"You got to have that sweet Italian roll," said the owner. "We get our meat from Philly. We get our bread, we get our Philly water, ice — I'm from Philadelphia."  

Baker-Elam said part of the magic is steak, cheese and some elbow grease.  

"It's crazy because it's so basic. But, you know, it is definitely a good sandwich," he said.  

"Some people are just so excited, because being 800 miles from Philadelphia, it's really hard to get a real Philly cheesesteak," Baker-Elam continued.  

Customer Amy Schoch, an Eagles fan from Philadelphia, said her first time visiting "It'z A Philly Thing" brought tears to her eyes.  

"Probably the thing I miss the most about home is a good cheesesteak. So, the first time I came and had one, I sat here and I had tears in my eyes and the girl's like, 'are you okay?' And I said, 'yeah, I just literally feel like I'm sitting in South Philly right now,'" said Schoch.  

Schoch said she's sure her team will emerge victorious on Sunday.  

But no matter who wins the big game, this food is a win for Eagles fans in Nashville. 

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