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Keurig unveils plans for compostable coffee pods made without plastic

The new K-Rounds pods will be made of coffee beans wrapped in a plant-based coating, eliminating the need for any plastic or aluminum casing.
Keurig's new K-Rounds coffee pods
Posted at 1:06 PM, Mar 18, 2024

Keurig has unveiled plans for brand-new coffee pods that are compostable and not made from plastic.

The new K-Rounds pods will be made of coffee beans that are pressed and wrapped in a plant-based coating that eliminates the need for any plastic or aluminum casing.

But the pods won't work on just any machine.

The new eco-friendly pods will be launched in conjunction with the company's new Keurig Alta brewer, which will allow customers to brew a variety of hot and cold beverages.

Keurig will allow consumers to weigh in on various beta testing phases of the Keurig Alta system as early as the fall, and will leverage learnings before rolling out the machine for sale.


Keurig first introduced K-Cups in the '90s and revolutionized how consumers get their coffee.

"Thirty years ago, Keurig changed the way consumers brewed coffee, with the introduction of the K-Cup pod single serve coffee system. Today, we are applying all our expertise to create a revolutionary new system that will redefine how consumers will brew coffee for decades to come," Keurig Chairman and CEO Bob Gamgort said in a press release.

"Our ambitious agenda reflects our commitment to providing variety, quality, value, and sustainability to the 45 million North American coffee consumers who currently use Keurig brewers and the millions of potential new households who will discover the benefits of a perfect cup of coffee prepared effortlessly in their home," he said.

The K-Rounds pods will allow for brewing at a high pressure for espresso drinks, and a low pressure for cold or hot drip coffees, the company said.

The sustainable pods can be disposed of the same way coffee grounds are discarded. They are supposed to be 100% compostable, and are currently undergoing a certification process.

Traditional plastic K-Cups can still be brewed in the new Keurig Alta machine.

The new pods follow past efforts for more sustainable coffee. Keurig previously announced that since the end of 2020, all K-Cups were being produced with 100% recyclable plastic.