Women Who Get Migraines May Be More Likely To Develop Heart Disease

About 18 percent of American women suffer from migraines.
Posted at 10:24 AM, Jun 01, 2016

Women who get migraines may be more likely to develop heart problems, according to new research.

A study published in The BMJ found that women who suffer from migraines have a greater risk of having a heart attack, getting a type of chest pain called angina and of dying from a heart-related problem.

A neurologist who wrote an editorial along with the study explained migraines only add a relatively small risk for heart disease.

But understanding the association is more important when looking at a population more broadly since 18 percent of American women suffer from migraines.

Scientists still aren't sure why a link between migraines and cardiovascular disease exists or if treating migraines will prevent heart problems down the line.

A neurologist advised that just because a woman suffers from migraines, doesn't mean doctors should automatically treat her for potential heart problems.

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