WHO Recommends Countries Ease Lockdowns In Phases

The WHO says countries need a comprehensive plan for lifting restrictions before they take the first steps.
Posted at 8:55 PM, Apr 15, 2020

The World Health Organization is advising countries that ease coronavirus-related restrictions to allow some time to pass before easing them further.

In its latest Strategy Update, the organization says countries need a comprehensive plan that weighs both the health risks and socioeconomic benefits of lifting restrictions prior to doing so. It also said such measures should be implemented "in a phased, step-wise manner," and "must be flexible enough" to quickly react to any changes in community spread.

The WHO recommends a two-week minimum between each transitional phase to allow enough time to study the effects of those changes, as well as to minimize the risk that the virus could resurge.

In recent days, President Donald Trump has repeatedly said he wants to reopen the U.S. — even going so far as assembling a new economic council dedicated to the effort.

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