White House Will Require Masks For Nearly Everyone In The West Wing

Staffers will have to wear masks unless they are at their desks and at least six feet from other people.
Posted at 8:51 PM, May 11, 2020

As of Monday, anyone entering the West Wing of the White House has to wear masks or facial coverings. This comes after at least two White House staffers tested positive for the coronavirus.

In a memo, the White House said everyone who goes to the West Wing needs to wear a mask and advised against visitors "unless you absolutely need to conduct in-person business."

The rule does not apply to President Trump.

Last week, President Trump's personal valet and Vice President Mike Pence's press secretary tested positive for the coronavirus. President Trump says he'd had "little contact" with the valet.

The White House cited CDC guidance that says employees should wear masks for 14 days in the workplace after potential exposure to the virus. However, the White House said staffers don't have to wear the masks at their desks, as long as they are social distancing. 

The White House clinic will provide masks to visitors who don't have them.

In addition to the new mask requirements, the White House will also impose increased safety measures, including temperatures checks.

Contains footage from CNN.