Volunteering Efforts Drop During Pandemic

Some nonprofits have suspended all volunteering activities.
Posted at 2:24 PM, Feb 15, 2021

The coronavirus has affected many businesses and organizations. 

Volunteering efforts have been hit hard by the pandemic. 

A lot of people were worried about their safety while volunteering, and the sudden drop in volunteers has led to nonprofit organizations worrying about their budgets.

But since the vaccine has started to be administered, some people have started to feel more comfortable volunteering again.

“I hope to uplift some spirits," said local volunteer Taya Cousett. "You know, when you’re in that time of your life, sometimes you can feel alone and i feel like this will help them and let them know someone’s thinking about them."

Even as the number of cancellations and the concerns over the COVID-19 virus seem to be decreasing some nonprofits have suspended all volunteering activities until further notice.