Father, Son Die After Virus Spreads Through Family

Ohio family with 12 members positive for COVID pleads for people not to celebrate holidays in large groups.
Posted at 7:25 PM, Nov 19, 2020

Deanna Gibson from Ohio knows the feeling of loss all too well  after dozens of people in her family got sick with the coronavirus. 

She said it wasn't from a large gathering but rather from family members meeting each other individually and passing it on. 

Her son died first. 

"Having the pneumonia, I was unable to cry because when I cried, I started choking and coughing," she said. "I didn't even have time to process the loss of my son when my husband passed."

The family is pleading for people to celebrate the holidays safely by limiting large gatherings.

“Don't do it. Talk to your family on the phone, FaceTime, Zoom, anything,” Gibson said. “But we can't keep spreading this.”