Experts Say Disinfecting Surfaces Won't Prevent COVID-19

Experts say people should focus on the three Ws: wear a mask, watch your distance and wash your hands.
Posted at 2:17 PM, Jan 04, 2021

Remember how hard it was to find disinfectant wipes at the beginning of the pandemic? And if you did find them, there was a limit on how many you could buy?

Now, almost a year later, they're finally making their way back to store shelves. But how much do we really need to be disinfecting surfaces? The answer may surprise you. Microbiologists say the coronavirus doesn't usually survive on surfaces.

Rutgers Medical School Professor Emanuel Goldman said, "You actually go into hospitals, where they're treating COVID-19 patients and you check the surfaces, and there's no infectious virus. None!"

Whenever the coronavirus is found on a surface it's usually the RNA. Think of it as the corpse or skeleton of the virus. 

It usually means the virus is no longer there and it's unlikely that you will become infected by touching that surface. Doctors say that means it's not necessary to constantly disinfect surfaces. Experts also say people should focus on other preventative measures like hygiene.

Dr. Goldman continued, "Really all you need to do is wash your hands because even if you happen to touch something, it's not going to go through the skin of your fingers, you wash your hands and you're done with it." 

Dr. Goldman says to remember the three Ws: wear a mask, watch your distance and wash your hands.