Dr. Anthony Fauci Addresses Coronavirus Vaccine Safety

Dr. Anthony Fauci discussed the safety of imminent coronavirus vaccines at a Coronavirus Task Force briefing.
Posted at 9:59 AM, Nov 20, 2020

As new developments and results for vaccine candidates continue to come out, a lot of people are questioning the speed of the process.

In a briefing with other top U.S. health officials, Dr. Anthony Fauci said he wanted to settle those concerns.

"The process of the speed did not compromise at all safety, nor did it compromise scientific integrity. It was a reflection of the extraordinary scientific advances in these types of vaccines, which allowed us to do things in months that actually took years before."

Dr. Fauci said he's confident a vaccine will be approved soon, And in the meantime — Americans should continue to wear masks, avoid crowds and do things outdoors.

His appearance at the white house podium is the first in months.