Coronavirus Pandemic Now Deadlier Than 1918 Flu Pandemic

COVID has killed 675,000 Americans since early 2020, surpassing the 1918 pandemic's toll.
Posted at 9:28 AM, Sep 21, 2021

The coronavirus is now the nation's deadliest pandemic, surpassing the death toll of the 1918 flu outbreak.  

Six hundred seventy-five thousand people have died from COVID since the pandemic took hold of the country. 

One hundred years ago, the population was about a third of what it is today, so the flu's death toll was more widely felt.   

But the flu is still a deadly virus. 

And COVID may be too, for years to come.  

With the Delta variant pushing hospitals to their limits, doctors say don't push off getting your flu shot. 

And this winter could be even more lethal. 

The University of Washington projects 100,000 coronavirus deaths by Jan. 1.