Vaughn Skeptics, Keep Your 'True Detective' Hopes Up

Two major roles are yet to be cast, and, if the rumor mill holds true again, they could be much more popular decisions.
Posted at 11:05 PM, Sep 23, 2014

So maybe Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn weren't the buddy cop duo you had hoped for from "True Detective" season two.

If so, you had plenty of company. A lot of fans had a hard time imagining Farrell and Vaughn filling the void left by the McConaughey / Harrelson bromance of season one.

After all, Vaughn's last really beloved work was in 2005's "Wedding Crashers," which seems to clash with "True Detective's" tone ever so slightly.

RUST COHLE VIA HBO"Death created time to grow the things that it would kill."

But there are a couple big reasons fans of the show should keep the faith — even after a pair of not-so-well-received casting choices.

For one, despite some earlier confusion and easily misinterpreted headlines, Vaughn is not playing Farrell's detective partner.

Actually, the veteran actor is playing"Frank Semyon, a man in danger of losing his criminal empire when his move into legitimate enterprise is upended by the murder of a business partner."

So, he'll be filling a new kind of role for the show, not trying to replace McConaughey or Harrelson as one of our main protagonist detectives.

Second, show runners say there are two more main roles to cast, and if the rumors hold true — like they did for Farrell and Vaughn — they could be some much more popular choices.

We can also probably assume they'll be women, considering show writer Nic Pizzolatto told HitFix a few months ago season two would be about, "hard women, bad men and the secret occult history of the United States transportation system."

And the two actresses popping up most in the rumor mill? Elisabeth Moss, of "Mad Men" fame, and Rachel McAdams, of "The Notebook" and a whole lot of other films.

Filming on "True Detective" season two begins this fall. 

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