ThronesWatch Ep.10: Mother's Mercy, That Was Brutal

Our weekly recap vidcast discusses Dany coming full circle, the shamiest shame walk of all time, and, you know, that one death.
Posted at 10:40 PM, Jun 15, 2015

Is he or isn't he? You know what we're talking about. - :16 

Daenerys is finally out of Meereen ... and literally right back where she started. - 2:39

The shamiest walk of shame of all time. - 3:56

An incredibly touching scene about incest, then death. - 5:16

The incredibly awesome murder of the dastardly Meryn Trant. - 6:32

Could there be anything more awesome than a blind, faceless assassin? - 7:15

Olly's teen angst. - 7:54

Which was more shocking: The Red Wedding? Or, you know, that one scene from this episode?  - 8:43

#ThronesWatch Power Rankings - 9:45

This video includes images from HBO / 'Game of Thrones' and TheCulinaryGeek / CC BY 2.0 and music from Bensound / CC BY ND 3.0