Rapper Wiz Khalifa Busted For Marijuana Possession Again

TSA agents in Texas caught the 26-year-old rapper with a half gram of weed. He was arrested by local police.
Posted at 8:46 PM, May 25, 2014

Rapper Wiz Khalifa has never really been quiet about his affinity for marijuana and Sunday that might have come back to haunt him ... again. 

The "Black and Yellow" rapper – real name Cameron Thomaz – was en route from El Paso to Dallas at a Texas airport when he was stopped by the Transportation Safety Administration. (Via Atlantic Records / "Black and Yellow")

E! quotes a TSA official who said the 26-year-old rapper didn't have any identification on him, which prompted a second screening – where they found a container with about half-a-gram of weed inside.

​​Police reportedly charged Wiz Khalifa with possession of marijuana – a misdemeanor in Texas – then turned him over to local police who threw him behind bars at the El Paso County Detention Facility with a $300 bond set. (Via Flickr / Sebastien Barre)

Shortly after, Wiz Khalifa took to Twitter and posted a picture of ... well, it's pretty self explanatory. (Via Twitter / @wizkhalifa)

And, that got the ball of support rolling from his fanbase, with #FreeTrapWiz making its rounds. (Via Twitter / @wizkhalifa)

This also isn't Wiz Khalifa's first run in with the law for weed possession. 

In 2012, the rapper was caught in possession of pot after he left the stage of a North Carolina performance. (Via Billboard)

That came just a month after getting busted inside his hotel room in Tennessee when guests complained they smelled a certain aroma coming from his room. (Via The Hollywood Reporter)

Ironically, prior to his arrest for drug possession, E! reports Wiz Khalifa had planned to release his new mixtape today, fittingly titled ... "28 Grams." Sure isn't one to hide anything, is he?

Good news for Wiz Khalifa fans, though. The rapper tweeted his time behind bars was short-lived. He was released on Sunday and plans to drop his new tracks ASAP. Maybe he'll add an extra line or two to the lyrics based on his weekend adventure. (Via Twitter / @wizkhalifa, Vibe)