Top 3 Disney Sidekicks Who Totally Deserve Their Own Movie

In this week's Top 3, we take a look at the top Disney sidekicks who we think should get their own feature films.
Posted at 6:16 PM, Jun 06, 2015

For the past few months, Disney hasn't been able to stop announcing new movies it has in the works — the majority of which are turning some of their animated classics into live-action feature films. But we think it wouldn't be a bad thing for Disney to stick to its animated roots and give a few famous sidekicks their turn in the spotlight. 

First is probably the most obvious choice: Olaf the snowman from "Frozen."

Next, what about Sebastian the crab from "The Little Mermaid?"

And finally, Mushu the lizard — uh, we mean dragon — from "Mulan."

This video contains music from Broke For Free / CC BY 3.0.