People Are Mad 'The Boss Baby' Was Nominated For An Oscar

The film has a 50 percent rating on Metacritic, and it was nominated alongside "Coco" and "Loving Vincent."
Posted at 10:33 AM, Feb 28, 2018

"The Boss Baby," that movie about a talking baby, was just nominated for an Oscar. And yeah, people aren't too thrilled about it.

Alongside films like "Coco" or "Loving Vincent," "The Boss Baby" took home a nomination for best animated feature. That's a big accomplishment for a film with a 50 percent score on Metacritic.

And while it's true the film is marketed toward kids, not adults, reviewers have skewered the film as a tired, half-hearted attempt to entertain all age groups.

As a result of the film's nomination, many people have compared the film to more critically acclaimed and successful animated movies like "The Lego Movie" or its Batman-focused follow-up. Neither of those films were nominated in the best animated feature category, a move many outlets considered major snubs.