How To Avoid Movie, TV Spoilers Online

With so many new movies and shows coming out around the holidays, there are also just as many spoilers on social media that can ruin a first viewing.
Posted at 6:13 PM, Nov 28, 2022

It's been a big year for twists and turns at the movies — as superheroes, horror thrillers and murder mystery whodunnits dominate the box office.

But for audiences excited to see the big reveals on the big screen, the internet can be a minefield for spoilers.

Don't worry; Newsy isn't spoiling any movies here, and "Glass Onion" actress Kathryn Hahn is making sure of it.

"What I do hope is that when people see it, they keep all the twists and turns to themselves so people can be walk in with as little info as they have," Hahn said.

The "Knives Out" sequel from director Rian Johnson debuted in theaters during Thanksgiving and made $9.4 million in its opening weekend — its only weekend on the big screen.

The film, distributed by Netflix, is leaving theaters after only five days and headed to the streaming platform at the end of December. For fans who don't get the chance to see it on the big screen, that means one whole month trying to avoid spoilers on the internet.

"Any corner of the internet you look — InstagramTwitter, Reddit, YouTube, TikTok — they're everywhere," said Leo Rydel, a critic and content creator at Geekly Goods.

New releases like "Glass Onion" as well as fan-favorite franchise films like "Wakanda Forever" spark major discussion on platforms like TikTok, where videos tagged with #WakandaForever have already garnered 4.5 billion views.

"I think the speculations are really cool and keeps the conversation engaging and going, but when they say something that actually gives away something in the movie, that's when it's overstepping the boundaries," Rydel said. "So mute, mute, mute and keep away from some of those update accounts and some of those smaller accounts that are always sharing content like that."

Platforms like Twitter let users mute keywords from showing up on feeds, and some browser add-ons take it further by hiding entire pages and posts — even from official accounts.

Just days after the release of "Wakanda Forever," the official Instagram page for Marvel published a seemingly-simple new character poster — but one that revealed a pretty big plot point for the new movie.

"That's a whole plotline that's just completely spoiled that a lot of people were speculating about," Rydel said. "A lot of fans that maybe just didn't get the time, but they still want to experience that reveal — that's a bit early for them."

As the holiday movie lineup picks up — with highly-anticipated films like "Avatar: The Way of the Water" and the streaming debut of "Glass Onion" on the horizon — best of luck in avoiding those pesky spoilers!