Kim Kardashian To Release Book Of Selfies... Seriously

Kim Kardashian's new book, called "Selfish," is expected to be released next spring. It will feature 352 pages of her selfies.
Posted at 12:29 PM, Aug 10, 2014

Kim Kardashian is looking to take the literature world by storm, in a very Kardashian way — by publishing a new book featuring only her selfies. 

Kardashian is appropriately calling the book "Selfish," and it will feature 352 pages of more than 1,000 selfies. But one of the big questions some outlets are posing is — why? (Video via NBC)

The Huffington Post writes: " ... we're really not sure who is going to pay for [the book]. Let us know who you are, because we're not sure you understand that you can already view thousands of photos of her for free."

But according to the publishing company releasing the book, there's more to it than that. It says there will be "never-before-seen" seflies. So, no luck trying to find all of them on Instagram for free. (Via Rizzoli International Publications)

What kind of selfies are going in the so-called selfie queen's new $19.95 book?

Well, that answer isn't clear quite yet, but MTV already has a couple of recommendations including one of her pregnancy selfies as well as her famous post-pregnancy bikini selfie.

But a writer at the Los Angeles Times is hoping for more variety: " ... expect to see selfies of all kinds. Selfies in bathrooms. Selfies on yachts. Elephant selfies, maybe?"

One of the big questions that will take a while to answer is how much money the book will make. Earlier this week, ABC pointed out Kardashian has a new app that has earned her $85 million so far.

Business Insider points to analysts who say the game could make as much as $200 million a year. It explains "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" as a game where "players flirt, work, and party their way to stardom."

And apparently selfie-taking runs in the family. Kim's sisters Kendall and Kylie talked to StyleList for an interview about how to take the perfect selfie. Seriously.

If you're one of the Kim K. fans wanting to buy the book, you'll have to wait a few more months. The release date is set for April, and it'll be in hardcover.