Iggy Azalea Says Sex Tape Might Be Real But She Was A Minor

Iggy Azalea's lawyers have backtracked and said it might actually be her in the video but claim she was underage at the time.
Posted at 6:37 PM, Sep 12, 2014

After rapper Iggy Azalea initially denied rumors of a sex tape, her lawyers are saying she might actually be the subject of the video. And they're also saying she might have been underage at the time.

TMZ broke the story and later revealed Houston rapper Jefe Wine is the man in the video with Azalea. He claims the video is of Azalea and also says she was definitely of age and aware she was being recorded.

Steve Hirsch, the head of Vivid Entertainment, the same company that released Kim Kardashian's now-infamous sex tape with her former boyfriend, Ray J, is reportedly trying to seal a six-figure deal with Azalea to release the tape. 

The Sydney Morning Herald doubts the tape will ever be released but writes, "The mere rumor of a sex tape could be a very valuable thing indeed for Azalea, keeping her name - and face - in the headlines and high up in Google search results for months and years to come."

But the Aussie rapper seems to feel quite differently about it. She wrote several tweets condemning the release of the sex tape, saying anyone who wishes to "profit off some else's intimate moments against their will is a sex offender."

Azalea, best known for her song "Fancy," does have a few legal options to battle the release of the video.

Fox News spoke with a couple of legal experts who said she could sue for the right to publicity and "potentially win millions." Vivid could also face criminal charges for distributing a sexual video with the potential to cause emotional distress.

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