The 'Make America Great Again' Dress And Other Grammys Fashion

Singer Joy Villa, who wore the dress, also describes herself as an actress and vegan health coach.
Joy Villa wears a dress that says "Make America Great Again."
Posted at 6:58 PM, Feb 12, 2017

Red carpet fashion always has some surprises: Think Björk's swan dress or Lady Gaga's meat dress. Whether a political statement or just a grab for attention, the surprises keep the red carpets interesting. So far, the 2017 standout seems to be this "Make America Great Again" dress worn by singer (and actress and vegan health coach?) Joy Villa.

"But that's just a plain white robe," you say. Well, just wait for it.

Keep waiting...

There it is. The back of the dress also spells out "TRUMP" in all caps — you know, just in case you didn't get the reference.

Unsurprisingly, she's gotten some angry reactions on social media.

The shock factor of Villa's dress overshadowed such masterpieces as this ball-pit-turned-dress worn by recording artist Girl Crush: 

And even this Tin Man impression by CeeLo Green:

Images: Getty Images