Casey Kasem Hospitalized After Family Fight

The 82-year-old radio icon's daughter sent him to the hospital, resulting in a family argument. Kerri Kasem's stepmother allegedly threw raw meat.
Posted at 9:41 AM, Jun 02, 2014

Sadly, the family drama continues for aging radio icon Casey Kasem. (Via Flickr / Alan Light)

​He was hospitalized Sunday after this scene.


"Will you help?"

"You twisted psycho. All the doctor bills that we paid for you." (Via NBC)

Those were members of Kasem's family at the home where he'd been staying. A fight erupted between Kasem's wife and his oldest daughter, Kerri, when Kerri said she'd be hospitalizing her father. And KCPQ has the strangest detail.

"Apparently Jean Kasem threw raw hamburger meat at his daughter, Kerri, who called the ambulance to take her dad to the hospital."

Yes, reportedly a pound of raw hamburger meat.

On Friday a Washington state judge gave Kerri Kasem the right to see her 82-year-old dad, who has dementia, and to take him to the doctor. Kerri won temporary conservatorship of Casey in a California court in May. (Via CNN)

Family arguing erupted in May when Jean took Kasey from a nursing home in California to Washington, apparently without his children's knowledge.

​They were found at the home of a friend. Kerri has alleged Jean is keeping Casey from his children because she thinks they will try to get him to change his will. (Via New York Daily News)

But Jean says her husband's children have ruined their lives by involving the media in personal matters.

"Shame on these children. Shame. ... He wanted to go out strong. He wanted to leave beautiful memories. That was all torn apart." (Via KING / CNN)

Kerri says her dad is suffering from a bedsore and lung and bladder infections, but Jean argued he was receiving proper care. On June 6th, a hearing in Washington will determine if the California conservatorship order holds up. Then on the 20th in California, a hearing to see if the conservatorship will be extended. 

Jean and Kasey have been married since 1980 and have one daughter, Liberty. Kerri and his two other children are from a previous marriage. (Via Flickr / Alan Light)