What The Attempted Coup In Turkey Could Mean For The War Against ISIS

The uprising could threaten the country's ability to aid in the fight against the terrorist group.
Posted at 11:25 PM, Jul 15, 2016

The chaos in Turkey is a matter of national security for the U.S. because of one thing — the fight against ISIS.

Turkey is a vital ally for the U.S. in that fight. It borders Syria and has given the U.S. access to some of its bases, allowing the U.S. to conduct more airstrikes against ISIS.

Turkey's also started to really put resources in the fight. Until recently, Turkey seemed more focused on fighting Kurdish militant groups closer to its borders, but multiple terrorist attacks attributed to ISIS have shifted Turkey's priorities.

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So the attempted coup couldn't come at a worse time. Even if it fails, a military just beginning to ramp up the fight against ISIS would then have to expend vital resources to make sure another uprising can't happen again.  

And if he keeps his job, Turkey's president is likely to try to weaken the military's power to prevent any more challenges to his rule. Personnel purges will make the fight against ISIS tougher for both Turkey and the U.S.

This video includes clips from CNNDHAFrance 24BBCAl Jazeera and U.S. Department of Defense and images from Getty Images. Music provided courtesy of APM Music.