Ukrainian Rebel Leader Open To Cease-Fire

The leader for Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine said he would be open to a cease-fire as the rebel-held Donetsk is surrounded by Ukrainian forces.
Posted at 7:26 PM, Aug 09, 2014

Those hoping for an end to the crisis in Ukraine got some good news Saturday. The Associated Press reported a Ukrainian rebel leader would be open to a cease-fire to prevent what he described as a "humanitarian catastrophe."

This comes as Ukrainian troops surrounded the rebel-held city of Donetsk. Sky News quotes the leader of the Pro-Russian separatists saying "We have no humanitarian corridors. There is no supply of medicines ... food supplies are nearing their end."

One person was killed and 18 injured Saturday when artillery fire struck apartment blocks within the city.

Also on Saturday, An envoy of Russian troops were stopped from crossing over the Ukrainian border for what the Russian government said was a humanitarian mission, but Ukrainian officials felt it was intended to "provoke a full-scale conflict."

The BBC reports that President Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron shared Ukraine's worries. 

"This could be seen as an excuse for the Russians to have a final incursion ... The prime minister and the president were also talking about stepping up sanctions if there was any further Russian incursion"

A NATO spokesman had harsh words for Russia after the country had amassed some 20,000 troops at the Ukranian border.

"Do not use peacekeeping as an excuse for war-making. I urge Russia to follow the genuine path to peace."

The Ukrainian government had not yet commented on the chance of reaching a cease-fire deal with the separatists within it's borders.

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