Top 3 Wild Animal Stories Of The Week

A bear in a hammock, adorable wolf pups and a goat on a bicycle — they're all in this week's top three video.
Posted at 3:45 PM, May 31, 2014

Welcome to our top three animal stories, we've found some down right adorable critters, but also this week these some animals you actually want to hang out with. 

To start off, number three involves some cute little wolf pups rescued from a massive wildifre in Alaska.

KTUU reports firefighters rescued five 2-week-old wolf pups from their den as they fought the Funny River wildfire, which officials say has burned roughly 200,000 acres. The wolves are now receiving care at an Anchorage zoo.

According to the Alaska Dispatch, each of the pups were found dehydrated and with porcupine quills pierced into their skin. Representatives say they're looking for a permanent place for the wolves to stay once they get better.

Next on our list — a curious bear, which WFTV says wandered into a Florida man's backyard on Thursday.

ABC says the bear decided to chill out in a hammock for about 20 minutes before it ended up wandering back into the woods. Thankfully, it looks like the bear didn't hurt anybody. 

We're guessing ​it probably just wanted a relaxing placeto chill out for a bit and kick up his feet — we don't blame you bud. 

And the number one animal story of the week —  a goat riding a man who's riding a bike. Oh yeah – it happened and the video already racked up 750,000 views on YouTube in just a few days. (Via YouTube / Nuno Sa)

"I don't know what I like most in the video. Is it the nonchalant look on the guy's face or the nonchalant look on the goat's face?" (Via ABC)

A little context — according to the New York Daily News, a couple traveling in Ethiopia hit record when they noticed the man and his unconventional cargo riding down the street.

So there you have it, those are your top three animal stories of the week. Thanks for watching.