Some 10,000 People Marched In Protest Of Hungary's New 'Slave Law'

The new labor law lets employers ask their workers to put in up to 400 hours of overtime every year.
Posted at 11:46 AM, Dec 17, 2018

Some 10,000 people in Budapest marched in protest of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban's new labor law. 

The country's parliament passed the law last Wednesday. It lets employers ask their workers to put in up to 400 hours of overtime every year. Critics have dubbed it the "slave law." 

Sunday's demonstration was the fourth and largest since the law was passed. Reuters reports they have been mostly organized on Facebook, drawing many young people and uniting previously fragmented opposition parties. 

Several members of parliament participated in the protests. A couple of independent MPs even got into the state-run television station to read a petition to get the labor law revoked on air. They were later thrown out. 

Protesters were set to continue demonstrating on Monday. 

Additional reporting from Newsy affiliate CNN.