Prosthetic Hand Gives User Ability To Feel, Sense Objects

A newly developed prosthetic hand can help users sense objects like a real hand would.
Posted at 6:14 PM, Feb 05, 2014

It might be a prosthetic, but this bionic hand can reportedly 'feel' just like a real one. 

Dennis Sorensen lost his hand nearly 10 years ago in a fireworks accident. But now, he's the first person to "feel — in real-time" with a prosthetic hand. (Via Swiss Federal Institute of Technology / Lifehand 2

"His sense of touch is restored. He's able to feel what's in his bionic hand — even when blindfolded."


"Hot. Soft." (Via BBC

It works by using surgically placed sensors in Sorensen's ulnar and median nerves in his left arm. The sensors received messages from the computer hand and sent signals back to the brain using algorithms. This is how Sorensen was able to distinguished between objects. (Via Swiss Federal Institute of Technology / Lifehand 2

CTV reports scientists were originally concerned about the sensitivity of Sorensen's nerves since they hadn't been used in almost a decade. 

Now, Sorensen did have to give the arm back after the clinical trial and the electrodes in his arm were taken out within a week for safety reasons. (Via Swiss Federal Institute of Technology / Lifehand 2

Still, this isn't the only big bionic hand breakthrough as of late. 

In early 2013, a Kentucky man showed off this prosthetic hand that can be controlled by the simple touch of an iPhone app. (Via CNN

The study and test results were published in the journal Science Translational Medicine.