More Questions After Arrest Of Nemtsov Murder Suspects

The arrest of five suspects in the killing of Russian politician Boris Nemtsov has done little to quell speculation about who orchestrated his death.
Posted at 9:42 PM, Mar 11, 2015

It's been two weeks since Russian politician and fierce Putin critic Boris Nemtsov was assassinated only blocks from the Kremlin, and the arrest of five suspects has done little to quell speculation about who exactly killed him and why. 

The five suspects are separatist Chechens, a Muslim ethnic minority in Russia that has frequently fought for independence.

“Here for you are the latest pictures from inside the Moscow court where the men have been charged," an RT anchor said

Russian media reports one suspect, Zaur Dadayev, has confessed to the murder and implicated the other four. (Video via Ukraine Today)

But not everyone is so sure that's what happened. A human rights official investigating the murder said, after meeting with Dadayev, that his confession was likely coerced under torture.

The other suspects say they're innocent. Other Chechans, meanwhile, seem mostly confused.

“They are relatives. They are very good boys and did well in school. I can’t say anything bad about them."

“What do they have to do with Nemtsov?”

The assassination led to anti-Putin protests, with the Russian president's opponents saying there was both motive and means for Putin to have one of his most prominent critics killed. (Video via VICE News)

Garry Kasparov said, “You ask about the motive and capabilities. And the first suspect must be Kremlin. Whether it's Putin or his cronies from inner circle. But they had every opportunity and every reason to kill Boris Nemtsov." 

Putin supporters disagree, citing their theory that Nemtsov was killed for speaking in support of French magazine Charlie Hebdo following the Paris shooting in January, which became a target of Muslim extremists for portraying the prophet Muhammad. 

But people who knew Nemtsov, like his daughter, say her father was focused on fighting Putin, not Islamic extremism.

Zhanna Nemtsova said, “He fought with Putin. With nobody else." 

"Therefore, it’s Putin that you blame for his death?"

"Politically, yes. Politically." 

If there is more to Nemtsov's murder, it seems unlikely we'll learn it any time soon. Russia's investigators are already pretty certain they've found their guys. 

This video includes images from Getty Images.