Meet Octogoat: Croatian Goat Born With 8 Legs

A goat in Croatia gave birth to a kid with eight legs. Vets don't expect the baby goat to survive more than a week.
Posted at 11:38 AM, May 08, 2014

Move over, Octomom. We now have Octogoat.

No, this goat doesn't have eight kids, but it does have eight legs. The kid was born last week on a Croatian farm. (Via YouTube /Mihael Hnatyšyn)

Farmer Zoran Paparic was understandably confused after his goat Sarka gave birth. According to the Daily Mail, he told reporters:

"I counted his legs and I thought I was seeing things. Then I called my neighbour to make sure that I am not crazy." 

Paparic calls the kid "a miracle of nature," but ITV reports it'll take a miracle for the goat to survive. 

Veterinarians believe the newborn's condition is the result of an under-developed twin sibling because the kid also has both male and female reproductive organs. Those vets say it is highly unlikely the goat will survive more than a week. But if it does, ​it might go on to live for two or three years.

Paparic told InSerbia he's praying for the kid to survive so he can keep it as a pet. He added that a few years ago, his friend's goat gave birth to a kid with two heads.

Daily Mirror reports Octogoat — who doesn't actually have a name — was born with two healthy sisters. Paparic told reporters their mother is a lucky goat who's now given birth to triplets four times.

Hopefully, that luck passes down to the kid.