Heartbleed Hack Leads To Arrest

A 19-year-old computer science student has been arrested in relation to a data breach of 900 social insurance numbers from Canada's revenue agency.
Posted at 8:53 AM, Apr 17, 2014

​Canada’s revenue agency fell victim to the Heartbleed bug on Friday — and Canadian officials have now made an arrest in relation to a data breach.

According to CBC a 19-year-old computer science student has been charged after it’s believed he stole 900 social insurance numbers from the CRA website.

CTV News reports the arrest happened after officials searched the suspect’s home. "On Tuesday, officers asked Stephen Solis-Reyes to come to the London police station. He did so voluntarily."

After learning of the Heartbleed bug, the CRA said it preemptively closed out access to its online services. Unfortunately, the move didn’t happen quickly enough.

Solis-Reyes allegedly exploited the bug to gain access to the data "over a six-hour period." (Via

The arrest came only four days after a security breach was first detected.

The CRA says those affected by the breach will receive a registered letter letting them know their information was compromised. The agency will also offer free credit protection services. The tax deadline, originally April 30, has been pushed to May 5.

Solis-Reyes, who is set to appear in court July 17, has been charged with "unauthorized use of a computer" and "mischief in relation to data."