Google Reportedly Developing Multi-Screen Video Display

Google is reportedly developing a giant video display that is made up of smaller screens that come together like Legos.
Posted at 6:59 PM, Oct 04, 2014

From self-driving cars to balloons that beam down Internet service from the stratosphere, Google is always working on some crazy sounding project that just might work.

And its latest effort is reportedly a giant video display made up of several smaller screens of varying size and shapes that connect like Legos. 

According to The Wall Street Journal, anonymous sources say the project is coming from Google's secretive advanced projects lab, Google X. 

It's being headed up by Mary Lou Jepson, the founder of Pixel Qi, a tech company that specializes in low power displays that can be read in direct sunlight. 

The concept of creating a larger display out of smaller screens isn't a new one.

The Christie MicroTiles displayhas been around for a while now, but Google is trying to make its display seamless, meaning you can't see where the individual screens connect. 

Ars Technica writes that most similar displays are used as stadium jumbotrons and digital billboards but it's not clear how Google intends for its product to be used, how big it could be or who the potential costumers are. 

That kind of secrecy is pretty typical for a project from Google.

And The Verge says given Google X's history of grand visions, this display could have a much bigger purpose than we know.

Google, of course, has declined to comment on this latest endeavor. 

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