Want to give a truck to Ukrainian fighters? 'Mad Max' is your guy

The Scripps News story about "Mad Max" is inspiring strangers to buy used trucks and drive them to Ukraine for front-line duty.
Posted at 9:11 PM, Feb 01, 2023

An orphanage director hiding children in a city under siege. A software engineer using steel plates to turn out battle-ready trucks. And a couple in Munich, Germany, who saw the story of Ukraine's "Mad Max" on Scripps News and saw an opportunity to help.

Georg Rossmair and his wife, Anja, bought a truck and drove it all the way from Germany to western Ukraine.

But there was another donation, in the bed of the pickup — a giant generator.

Max Titov, dubbed "Mad Max," quickly armored up and sent the truck to a front-line unit in Bakhmut. But he still wanted to find a worthy recipient for the generator.

Titov heard about Volodymyr Sahaidak, the orphanage director in Kherson who we have reported on since last March.

Sahaidak eagerly accepted the offer of a generator and Titov made a 15-hour trip across his war-torn country to deliver it in person.

Ukraine's 'Mad Max' sends 4-wheeled foreign fighters into battle

Ukraine's 'Mad Max' sends 4-wheeled foreign fighters into battle

A Ukrainian software engineer is procuring used civilian cars and trucks and souping them up to survive battle.