UK Supermarket Hiring A Christmas Light Detangler: It's Lit

A U.K. supermarket is hiring a full-time light detangler leading up to Christmas. It'll take someone special to fill the role.
Posted at 4:02 PM, Nov 06, 2015

A U.K. supermarket is hiring someone to untangle Christmas lights full time.

As in, you can walk in with your tangled up mess of lights, and this person will detangle them for you. Tesco says it's a four-week gig in Wrexham, a town in the northern area of Wales. (Video via Tesco)

So if detangling lights for a month sounds like your worst nightmare, it's probably not the best professional fit.

"I got it," Will Ferrell said in New Line Cinema's "Elf." (Video via New Line Cinema)

A spokesperson for the store told the Leader applicants should be "genuinely passionate about Christmas," as well as incredibly patient – which probably goes without saying. Applicants should be able to detangle 3 meters of lights in under 3 minutes. And whoever gets the job could be detangling 60 sets of lights a day.

In the online job post, Tesco says it's the U.K.'s first Christmas light untangling service. (Video via Tesco)

Stateside, Home Depot has a promo where they'll take your lights and give you store credit toward more energy-efficient LED string lights. And Sears and K-Mart have had similar programs. You're still on your own for detangling, though. (Video via The Home Depot)

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