Putin On North Korea: Everyone Just Calm Down

Russian President Vladimir Putin held an annual news conference Thursday, and he had some thoughts on U.S.-North Korea tensions.
Posted at 12:44 PM, Dec 14, 2017

Russian President Vladimir Putin just needs everyone to take a deep breath and chill.

Putin held an annual news conference Thursday and addressed a number of topics, including international relations with North Korea.

Putin called for de-escalation between the U.S. and the Hermit Kingdom, saying recent military drills by the U.S. aren't helping ease tension.

He also jabbed U.S. lawmakers for wanting Russian help with the North while also putting Russia on the "same shelf" as North Korea and Iran.

Putin's comments come as North Korean leader Kim Jong-un issued yet another threat on Thursday. Kim said the U.S. is taking a "big step" toward nuclear war by seeking a possible naval blockade.

In November, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson mentioned the idea of a naval blockade that would stop any goods from being transferred to or from North Korea.