Ukrainian combat medic's GoPro captures grim front-line reality

Ukrainian combat medic Yara Chornohuz shared with Scripps News dramatic GoPro helmet cam footage, capturing her reality on the front lines.
Posted at 9:06 PM, Feb 23, 2023

As a Ukrainian fighter who serves as her unit’s medic helped evacuate yet another fallen comrade, a GoPro camera on her helmet captured a time-lapse video — and the exhaustion and grit of her unit urgently pushing through the forest trying to save their fallen friend. 

When every minute can mean life or death, frontline combat medics like  Yara Chornohuz are a lifeline. Scripps News' Jason Bellini and his crew traveled to the Donbas region to find out more about her and her unit's rescue efforts, and the remarkable point-of-view footage she captures.

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