Germany Will Continue To Accept Refugees Despite Recent Attacks

Germany has experienced four attacks since mid-July. The attacks have brought the nation's refugee policy into question.
Posted at 1:29 PM, Jul 28, 2016

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is standing firm on Germany's refugee policy following the country's recent terror attacks.

Merkel's comments came at a press conference in the German capital in which she said Germany will continue to accept refugees fleeing their home countries. 

The Guardian quotes Merkel, saying the attackers "wanted to undermine our sense of community, our openness and our willingness to help people in need. We firmly reject this." 

Since mid-July, Germany has suffered a mass shooting that left nine dead, an ax attack on a train in which four people were injured, a machete attack that left one woman dead and a suicide bombing that injured at least a dozen people.

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Three of the four attacks were carried out by asylum seekers.

More than 1 million asylum seekers entered Germany in 2015, and the country received more than 470,000 asylum applications. 

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