Elite French Police Officers Accused Of Raping Tourist

Three french police officers in Paris are under investigation after being accused of raping a Canadian tourist.
Posted at 8:06 PM, Apr 27, 2014

Three police officers in Paris are under investigation after accusations that two of them raped a Canadian tourist at the city's prestigious police headquarters. 

"The 34-year-old woman, who has not been publicly identified, is herself a police officer. She was reportedly on vacation in Paris and was at a bar with officers." (Via CTV)

As details begin to surface, there are reports the group had what the Daily Mail calls a "rowdy drinking session" before going to the headquarters where the woman says she was assaulted.  

There were initially four men in custody, all of them part of an elite group of officers, but the fourth was released without charges. 

"The two officers have been released under judicial supervision. One has reportedly admitted to having sex with the woman but insists she consented." (Via Euronews

The third police officer in connection with the alleged attack was named an assisted witness. But Canada's CBC notes as the investigation continues more information could come to light. 

"There was video surveillance so the investigation is looking into that right now and we also know that the justice department is involved." 

The outlet says the situation is being taken very seriously. France's Interior Minister said in a statement, "I will impose all the necessary sanctions should the investigation establish those facts." (Via Flickr / Valsts kanceleja / State Chancellery)

DNA samples were taken from the woman, though she says the men used condoms, which could limit the evidence drawn from samples.