Charity Efforts Astound After Suspected Arson Kills Dogs

A tragic fire at Manchester Dogs' Home killed more than 50 dogs. Since the fire, people have donated thousands.
Posted at 9:03 AM, Sep 12, 2014

A tragic fire broke out at Manchester Dogs' Home in England Thursday, killing more than 50 dogs and damaging 1/3 of the kennels.  And an unnamed teenage boy has been arrested in suspicion of arson.

But in the wake of tragedy, a glimmer of light. Thousands of dollars have been raised to help the shelter after the fire.

And a Facebook page was started encouraging people to post selfies with their dogs and donate. 

BBC"Manchester Dogs' Home opened in 1893 and has always relied on charity. It cares for more than 7,000 stray and unwanted animals every year, and manages to rehouse most of them."

But others have done more than just donate. The Daily Mirror told the story of two men who went into the burning building and rescued 20 dogs.

One witness told Sky News the blaze was "like a horror film."

"It was horrendous. See the flames. Must have been 15-20 feet up in the air. They were all barking, you could hear them screaming."

Manchester Dogs' Home has since tweeted thanks out to all its supporters, saying "words are not enough."

And according to a later tweet, the response was "so overwhelming" it broke the the site's "Contact Us" page.

Around 150 dogs were rescued in total from the fire.