British Airways Bans Passengers With 'Dead' Phones, Devices

British Airways will bar passengers bound for the U.S. from flights if their smartphones are dead.
Posted at 2:33 PM, Jul 08, 2014

There are few things worse than when your phone starts to die while you're traveling and you've got no way to charge it ... but British Airways might have come up with something to ruin your day even more. 

If you're U.S.-bound and your smart phone is dead, British Airways can now ban you from your flight altogether and make you re-book. (Via Getty Images)

BA's new rules are in response to upped security measures from the Transportation Security Administration that ban powerless devices on flights. (Via TSA)

Which, themselves are in response to fears that terrorists in Syria and Yemen are looking to make bombs disguised as phones. (Via Fox News)

"They are small items, but it takes very little explosives to penetrate the hull of an aircraft and cause catastrophic damage." (Via ABC)

The BBC reports some airports, like Heathrow in London, are advising travelers with un-powered devices to make use of services that can ship them from the airport to their destination.

Needless to say, people aren't thrilled with the new regulations, and the press is predicting chaos. (Via Getty Images

"We could be just hours away from an expected outbreak of controlled chaos and brewing anger at airports all over the world: wherever passengers are boarding direct flights to the U.S." ​(Via NBC)

Just look at how CNN went from this, when the measures were first announced last week ... 

"It's not dramatically out of the ordinary: they're going to see more attention to electronic devices and shoes." (Via CNN)

To this, on Monday, after some of the details came to light.

"This new situation promises to be a nightmare for travelers." (Via CNN)

Another reason for the outrage, as the Huffington Post points out, we still don't know how other major airlines like Virgin Atlantic are going to react. 

Plus BA's new rule comes before the TSA has released a list of airports that will be affected by the measure.