Australian Woman "Taken" By Shark

Police in Australia are searching for a 63-year-old woman. Christine Armstrong was apparently "taken" by a shark while swimming in New South Wales.
Posted at 11:09 AM, Apr 03, 2014

A daily swim for an Australian woman went horribly wrong. Police say 63-year-old Christine Armstrong was apparently "taken" by a shark while she was swimming off the coast of New South Wales.

"Christine Armstrong was in the water off a beach in New South Wales when she decided to turn back to shore. The rest of her group ... returned to shore they could find no sign that Armstrong had made it back." (Via CNN)

Police believe the only logical reason for her disappearance is a shark attack. 

"An independent witness was up on the rocks, and had seen a large shark in the area. It appeared the shark was mauling something, although he wasn't able to see what the shark was mauling." (Via BBC)

ABC Australia reports partial remains of a woman have been found. However, it is still to early to know if they belong to Armstrong.

In a statement, Armstrong's family said, "Chris was very loved by many people ... She was a senior surf club trainer for many years and swimming brought her much joy ... She will be sadly missed." (Via ABC Australia)

She and her husband Rob Armstrong were a part of a local swim club. The Independent reports the couple swam around this beach every morning for the last 14 years.

Dozens of emergency service personnel looked for Armstrong. The search was called off on Thursday, though, due to poor weather conditions.