An All-Black African Team Is Trying To Make A First In Cycling

The Tour de France is largely made up of European riders.
Posted at 6:11 PM, Jul 12, 2017

The Tour de France has yet to have an all-black African team compete. A cycling team in Kenya wants to break that barrier. 

The Tour de France is largely made up of European riders. Even just a team from Africa competing in the iconic race has been rare. And in 2015, two Eritreans became the first black Africans to debut in the Tour. 

Africa, and especially Kenya, has no shortage of top-notch athletes — but they're mostly runners. 

Cycling training requires good roads — which several African countries lack. And some residents view bike riders as poor.

When the team's founder was initially seeing if he could start a team, he found few Kenyans who even knew how to ride. 

Money and sponsorships are other barriers to getting more Africans in the sport. Currently, the team in Kenya is sponsored by several organizations

The team has 12 eager cyclists, but long term, they want more than just a few black African riders.