A Reason To Like Winter: Watch This Panda Play In Snow

Da Mao the panda rolling around in the snow is a wonderful black-and-white Christmas.
Posted at 4:04 PM, Nov 21, 2014

We're giving you a chance to brace yourself. Take a deep breath. Because ... 

This giant panda playing in the snow makes us want to little girl squeal. The male panda, Da Mao, calls the Toronto Zoo home. During a snowfall on December 17, he decided it needed to be played in. In the cutest way possible. Don't judge us for wanting to just veg out all weekend and watch this on repeat.

The video made more than 848,000 people smile. Well, we assumed they were smiling, how could you not? 

Da Mao must love the cold stuff. He was caught on cam playing in it this February, too. 

The Toronto Zoo has two giant pandas — just the second pair to have ever been in Canada.

OK, we have to watch this again. ... We can die happy now. 

This video includes footage from the Toronto Zoo and music from Risey / CC BY 3.0.