Pistorius Says He Shouted At Intruder To 'Get The F--- Out'

Oscar Pistorius is on the stand once again, and a lawyer dubbed the "pit bull" may be poking serious holes in his story.
Posted at 9:43 AM, Apr 14, 2014

Oscar Pistorius took the stand in his own defense once again Monday, facing more tough questions about the night he admittedly shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

"You perceived an attack, that you fired at the attacker to kill him. ... That's not true. Am I right?"

"I didn't fire to kill anyone, my lady. ... I didn't have time to think."

"Your defense has now changed, sir." (Via ENCA)

And all along, Pistorius has maintained he shot Steenkamp thinking she was an intruder. In court Monday, Pistorius now says he shouted at who he says he thought was an intruder to "get the f--- out of my house." (Via NBC)

There are new challenges for Pistorius in court. NBC reports he told the prosecutor he and Steenkamp last ate together about eight hours before she died. The prosecutor pointed to expert evidence saying Steenkamp's stomach would have been empty by the time she died if that was the last time she ate. The prosecutor says her stomach wasn't empty.

CNN notes the prosecutor also challenged Pistorius over a pair of jeans in the bedroom that would show Steenkamp was in the middle of changing into them at the time of the shooting. Pistorius denied it, saying she had taken them off earlier. (Via CNN)

Many news outlets have pointed out that the relentless prosecutor in the case, dubbed the "pit bull," has worked to descredit Pistorius' credibility. According to ABC, at least one analyst says it's working.

"Now, his testimony seemed to be so damaging, one analyst called Pistorius a defense nightmare witness."

And a legal analyst for CBS points out much of what the "pit bull" has done in court, including calling Pistorius a liar, could not be done in the U.S.

"Here, the prosecutor has pushed the envelope as far as anyone can. At some point, even the judge said no more. ... This prosecutor, though, we must say, is marvelous." 

The prosecutor has gone as far as calling it "impossible" for Pistorius to think that Steenkamp could have been an intruder. The trial still has a long way to go. CNN reports it's scheduled to last until the middle of May.