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Would You Pay To Get Locked In A Hotel Room?

Paying guests are locked inside fake hotel rooms in Kansas City, and they use clues to try to escape before the one-hour time limit expires.
Posted at 12:07 PM, May 13, 2015

It starts inside a hotel room that you paid $28 for. Seems like a steal, but you're locked in ... and you have to find your way out. 

Sounds kind of like the start to a horror flick. 

"I want to play a game?" (Video via Lions Gate Films / "Saw")

It's called "Breakout KC," and as you might be able to tell from its name, it's in Kansas City, Missouri. Our partners at KSHB spoke with one of the co-owners:

"There are clues hidden throughout the room that you have to put together to be able to break out of the room," co-owner Lucas Thompson said.

"If guests can't make it out in an hour, they fail," the KSHB reporter said.

The hotel rooms are fake, and the "guests" are watched on surveillance video while they try to find their way out. They can get more clues from a TV monitor if they're having a hard time. The quickest escape so far has been 51 minutes.

But it's a record that could soon be broken. Breakout KC has only been open about a week. 

The Kansas City Star notes the owners "promise their customers will feel like Jason Bourne of 'The Bourne Identity' or a member of the Mission Impossible crew."

There are four rooms to try out, all with different themes — River Quay Casino, The Truman Room, Room 13 and Szechuan Secret.

KSHB reports the concept behind Breakout KC started in southeast Asia about five years ago.

This video includes music from Matt Lloyd / CC BY 3.0.