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Women are celebrating women who serve a common goal

A group of women in Atlanta are celebrating women who make a difference and work toward inclusivity and diversity.
Posted at 5:06 PM, Mar 21, 2023

Hundreds of women gathered in Atlanta to honor other women.

Lady Locavores is an annual event in Atlanta's food scene that celebrates women with diverse backgrounds.

“I always say I’m Black first. Sometimes I feel as if I have to really advocate for myself as a woman in addition to my Blackness,” said honoree Sagdrina Jalal. "It’s been, I think, a very common feeling amongst Black women that feminism really isn’t for Black women.”

Virtually every issue that women deal with affects them differently. 

The MeToo movement came under fire for co-opting a phrase coined by a Black woman. The Women’s March has been criticized first for the lack of inclusion of women of color. It also faced accusations of antisemitism among its leaders. 

The conversations have been messy and public. They’ve also brought diversity and equity to the forefront of many minds through Jalal’s latest endeavor.

Kamala Harris

Nonprofits are on a mission to help more women run for office

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She created the Anti-Racist Farmers Market Toolkit, a blueprint for markets to become intentional about being inclusive.

“Most people, Black or otherwise, had no idea that the system is designed to do exactly what it’s doing,” Jalal said, “making it hard for us to access food on a very local level.”

In just three years, the toolkit has been downloaded nearly 4,000 times, often by markets led by women.

“Women have a tendency to make space for each other,” Jalal said. “We really like to build on each other’s strengths.”

Jalal accepted her award at the event not for working on women’s causes, but because she is a woman advancing causes for all.

“It’s not about a seat at a table. It’s about everyone being active and involved in the decision-making,” Jalal said.


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