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Woman saved after car submerged in water is out of coma and home

Madison Kelly's family says they are grateful for bystanders who jumped into a bay and pulled her from her car after a crash, saving her life.
Back doors of an ambulance are open, revealing a stretcher
Posted at 1:38 PM, Sep 26, 2023

A woman saved by good Samaritans following a car accident is out of a coma and back home more than two months after her accident, her family said.

The incident happened on July 16 when the car Madison Kelly was driving was struck head-on by a speeding vehicle in Seattle, catapulting it into the water at Alki Beach. 

Bystanders jumped into Elliott Bay as Kelly’s car became submerged and pulled her from her car. They administered CPR until paramedics arrived, the Seattle Police Department said. She was transported to the hospital in critical condition. 

Kelly was hospitalized in the intensive care unit and was still in a coma-like state in August. She was eventually transported to a rehabilitation center, where she has remained until now. Her sister Jordan Kelly posted an update on Facebook that Madison was discharged and recovering at home. 


"Her cognition is improving, slowly but surely. She is officially awake and out of her coma. She is able to have full conversations and it seems her long term memory is mostly intact," Jordan wrote. "Despite persistent weakness on the right side of her body, Madison is able to walk and is determined to get back to dancing as soon as possible."

Jordan said that whenever Madison asks why this happened to her, she points to the community that has come together because of her, to which she expressed gratitude. 

Madison’s family continues to raise funds for her recovery via GoFundMe. Nearly $40,000 has been raised as of noon Tuesday.

Jordan has also been writing "Letters to Madison" since her sister was in a coma, and continues to collect letters from family, friends and the public (submit online here) for Madison to read as she recovers.