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Woman Arrested In Connection With 'Vampire Face-Lifts'

A massage therapist allegedly performed cosmetic procedures like butt injections without a license, possibly leaving a woman dead.
Posted at 9:15 AM, Feb 14, 2014

A California massage therapist is behind bars over the death of one of her customers. Sandra Gonzalez had allegedly been performing cosmetic procedures like "vampire face lifts" without a license.

That procedure involves injecting a patient's own blood back into his or her face to smooth out wrinkles. Gonzalez also allegedly performed "butt augmentation" — injection into the buttocks. (Via ABC)

"There could be more charges on the way but for now she is facing drug charges."

"On Wednesday Hamilet Suarez​, a customer, went into cardiac arrest and died after possibly coming in for what's known as a vampire face lift."

That customer leaves behind a 5-year-old child, according to KNBC. Gonzalez was not licensed to administer medical and cosmetic procedures — she was a licensed massage therapist. 

Authorities say they found vials of controlled substances and medical equipment at the spa. The LA Times reports Gonzalez was renting a room there, and apparently advertising for the cosmetic procedures.

"She was a licensed massage therapist. She's only been licensed for about two weeks."

"Police say it appears Gonzalez has been performing the numerous cosmetic procedures for the last month." (Via KABC)

A similar procedure, the Vampire Facial, gained attention when Kim Kardashian underwent one on her reality show. Cosmetic procedures like this are safe when performed by professionals. (Via Instagram)

But unlicensed individuals performing cosmetic procedures has become a problem in recent years. Famously in 2012, a Florida woman injected people with cement, super glue and more.   (Via HLN, NY Daily News)