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Whitey Bulger Sentence: 2 Life Sentences Plus 5 Years

The judge also ordered $19 million in restitution be paid to victims\' families.
Posted at 11:23 AM, Nov 14, 2013

James "Whitey" Bulger just got two back-to-back life sentences, plus five years.

The former mob boss was convicted of 11 of 19 murders and 31 racketeering counts back in August. (Via U.S. Marshals Service)

Eighty-four-year-old Bulger ran Boston's Winter Hill Mob and spent 17 years on the run before he was arrested in 2011. (Via WABC)

Wednesday, Bulger got an earful from the families of his victims.

“I said if I could, I would strangle him just like he did my sister.” (Via The Boston Globe)

“It did feel good to describe him for what he is, a bag of jailhouse rags.” (Via WHDH)

Bulger reportedly refused to looking at the family members of his victims. Witnesses say they stood mere feet from him in the courtroom. (Via NECN)

Thursday the judge — who told Bulger his conduct quote “merits the most severe penalty” — also ordered $19 million restitution for the victims.(Via WFXT)