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Where Do You Buy A Ghost Town? Craigslist

The current owner admits the town needs some TLC.
Posted at 10:45 PM, Jul 04, 2016

You can find a whole slew of items for sale on Craigslist: used boats, musical instruments, old golf clubs and at least one ghost town.

Cabin Creek, Colorado, is on the market. The price tag? $350,000. The town comes with nearly five acres of land plus a gas station, eight-room motel, restaurant, RV park, a couple houses and a shooting range. 

James Johnson is the current owner of the tiny town off Highway 36 in Adams County. But after decades of living there, he told a local TV station it's time to retire and move away.

Johnson admits the town needs some TLC. According to the Craigslist post, both the motel and gas station need new septic tanks. As for the main house? It "needs repairs but is livable."

We should also note — there’s a chance this ghost town actually has ghosts. KDVR reports a murder occurred at the gas station in Cabin Creek in the '70s and according to the town's Facebook page, the town opens up as a haunted attraction around Halloween.

But if you've got the guts and the cash, Cabin Creek may be a good investment. Especially when you compare what $350,000 would buy you just an hour away in downtown Denver, Colorado.

We found this 731-square-foot one-bedroom, one-bath Denver condo listed on real estate website Zillow for about the same price. 

It seems Johnson doesn't have too many requirements for who gets the keys to the town next, "I want to find someone that’s going to come out here and see the potential like I did."

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